LE CONTRADDIZIONI DELLA TEORIA DELL’EVOLUZIONE di Leonetto – 15/11/13 – La puntata del 5 Ottobre si apre discutendo sulla questione dell’evoluzione umana, nello specifico facendo presente come neodarwinisticamente parlando si assiste a punti di vista completamente discordi fra loro, da chi afferma che si sia arrestata, chi stia ancora avvenendo, chi che abbia subito rallentamenti etc etc… Nello specifico si … Continua a leggere

Creation Evidence Museum

http://ianjuby.org/delk/commentary.html#ftomspeaks Museum Displays The Creation Evidence Museum has an impressive collection of artifacts and fossils, which provide evidence for a young earth. Among the artifacts included in the museum’s collection are: Replica of the Stegosaurus carved in a ten-foot column at the Ta Prohm Cambodian Temple dedicated in 1186. The London Artifact, discover in June, 1934 by Frank and Emma … Continua a leggere

Scientific Evidence

Scientific Evidence for Creation A tremendous pyramid of evidence for design and recent creation is available for detailed study. Romans 1:20 states: “For the invisible things of him from the creation are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead: so that they are without excuse.” Scientific evidence for creation abounds in … Continua a leggere

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http://creationevidence.org/ Responding to the skeptics, part I. (added August 30, 2008) For more information on the Delk track, visit the Creation Evidence Museum website. Introduction & background The skeptic speaks The skeptic’s mistakes A proper analysis Why the major blunders? I like being a nice guy.  I like to encourage people and speak of the good things that they do.  … Continua a leggere

Cretaceous Footprint

Alvis Delk Cretaceous Footprint CREATION EVIDENCE MUSEUM ARTIFACT “Alvis Delk Cretaceous Footprint” Abstract: The Creation Evidence Museum is in possession of a set of Cretaceous footprints discovered by amateur archaeologist Alvis Delk[1] of Stephenville, Texas. This fossil of dense Glen Rose limestone consists of Dinosaur footprint (Acrocanthosaurus) and an eleven-inch human footprint intruded by the dinosaur print. Introduction: In early … Continua a leggere


Crystalline Canopy Theory, CRYSTALLINE CANOPY THEORY © By Carl E. Baugh, Creation Evidence Museum “He hath made the earth by his power, he hath established the world by his wisdom, and hath stretched out the heavens by his discretion” (Jeremiah 10:12). Abstract: In this paper the firmament (raqiya) that was divinely made on Day Two is held to extend throughout … Continua a leggere

Religion, New Age,

RELIGIOUS NATURE OF EVOLUTIONARY THOUGHT, Ancient Evolutionary Concepts, Educational observations and analyses relating to man’s origins, cultures, development and characteristics are increasingly interpreted in an evolutionary framework. An expanding philosophic dogma of evolutionary exclusivism has permeated academic disciplines without scientific warrant. Rather than being empirical, with sanction of experimental results, the evolutionary philosophy has become imperial, with sovereign allegiance mandated. … Continua a leggere


CONVENTIONAL EXPLANATION FOR HUMAN ANTIQUITIES IN QUESTION CONVENTIONAL EXPLANATION, HUMAN ANTIQUITIES, QUESTION Conventional anthropological explanations for human origins and descent are in serious disarray. Novel concepts have caught academic fancy and have been used as classroom discussion and numerous dissertation subjects. Historically these evolutionary explanations of anthropological descent have ranged from acquired characteristics, to natural selection, to selective cross-breeding, to … Continua a leggere

Glen Rose, Texas

Fun For Kids PLANETS! Here it comes!” Laura shouted. We stood outside with our heads cranked back as far as possible, our faces bathed in the light of a million stars. Suddenly, a brilliant glow appeared and streaked slowly across the night sky. It was a space shuttle! It was in the Earth’s atmosphere high in the air above us … Continua a leggere

Big Bang, valutazione biblica

NUOVA SINTESI NON DARWINIANA DELL’ANTIEVOLUZIONE Di Nunzio Nobile Migliore – 25/10/13 – Due ricercatori statunitensi Pugh e Venter hanno fatto una scoperta molto importante :si tratta in sintesi di questo :nel genoma umano esistono circa 30000 geni ed esistono pertanto circa 10.000 macchine molecolari di iniziazione della trascrizione dei geni in RNA messaggero che poi sarà tradotto in proteine. Esistono … Continua a leggere