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Abstract:The Creation Evidence Museum is in possession of a set of Cretaceous footprints discovered by amateur archaeologist Alvis Delk[1] of Stephenville, Texas. This fossil of dense Glen Rose limestone consists of Dinosaur footprint (Acrocanthosaurus) and an eleven-inch human footprint intruded by the dinosaur print.
Introduction: Alvis Delk Cretaceous Footprint.
In early July, 2000 Alvis Delk, assisted by James Bishop (both of Stephenville, Texas), was working in the Cretaceous limestone on the McFall property at the Paluxy River near Glen Rose, Texas and discovered a pristine human footprint intruded by a dinosaur footprint. This discovery was made in the vicinity of McFall I and II Sites where the Creation Evidence Museum team has excavated since the Spring of 1982. The eleven-inch human footprint matches seven other such footprints of the same dimensions in the Sir George Series, named in honor of His Excellency Governor General Ratu Sir George Cacobau of Fiji.[2]
Scientific Verification of Footprint Authenticity:
The fossil was transported to a professional laboratory where 800 X-rays were performed in a CT Scan procedure. Laboratory technicians verified compression and distribution features clearly seen in both prints, human and dinosaur. This removes any possibility that the prints were carved or altered.
Importance of Discovery:
Professor James Stewart Monroe, writing in Journal of Geological Education candidly asserted that Human footprints in geologically ancient strata would indeed call into doubt many conventional geological concepts.[3] Professor David H. Milne of The Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington and Professor Steven D. Schafersman of the Department of Geology, Rice University, Houston, Texas made further admissions in writing that Such an occurrence, if verified, would seriously disrupt conventional interpretations of biological and geological history and would support the doctrines of creationism and catastrophism.[4]

Professor Steven M. Stanley in The New Evolutionary Timetable opined that any topsy-turvy sequence of fossils would force us to rethink our theoryAs Darwin recognized, a single geographic inconsistency would have nearly the same power of destruction.[5]

[1] [1] Delk, Alvis has extensive field experience under direct supervision of state certified archaeologists. His personal discoveries range from early Texas Spaniard artifacts to early Texas military maps, etc. This current footprint discovery is in keeping with his tireless pursuit to explore Texas’ historical treasures.
[2] Baugh, Carl E., Academic Justification for Voluntary Inclusion of Scientific Creation in Public Classroom Curricula, Doctoral Dissertation, Pacific College of Graduate Studies, Melbourne, Australia and Poplar Bluff, Missouri, USA, Fall 1989, p. 196
[3] Monroe, James Stewart, Journal of Geological Education, Creationism, Human Footprints, and Flood Geology, V.35, p.93
[4] Milne, David H., and Schafersman, Steven D., Journal of Geological Education, 1983, V.31, p.111
[5] Stanley, Steven M., The New Evolutionary Timetable, 1981, p. 171

William E. Dannemeyer of the United States Congress carried the issue to its ultimate conclusion in writing to this researcher, stating that This is a significant breakthrough with enormous implications for establishing the origin of mankind.[1]
Photographic Evidence:

[1] Dannemeyer, William E., United States Congress, Personal Correspondence to Carl E. Baugh, 1983

Photo A – Overview
[1] Dannemeyer, William E., United States Congress, Personal Correspondence to Carl E. Baugh, 1983

Response to the skeptics:  http://ianjuby.org/delk/commentary.html
Director’s Bio
Carl Edward Baugh
Born: October 21, 1936
Father of 5 children, Stepfather of 2 children

Founder and Director of Creation Evidence Museum, Glen Rose, Texas
Scientific Research Director for world’s first Hyperbaric Biosphere
Scientific Research Director for water reclamation and energized plant systems
Discoverer and Excavation Director of fourteen dinosaurs, including
Acrocanthosaurus in Texas and Diplodocus in Colorado
Co-discoverer and co-excavator of a unique South American ammonite that has not been described in the technical literature. He is preparing publication in the scientific literature, and has tentatively named the fossil Pendulaceras corrugatumlaqueus.
International Lecturer in Scientific Creation
Brief list of such guest lectures held:
Texas A & M University
Texas A & M University, Galveston Campus
University of Texas at Arlington
Western Illinois University
Tarleton University
Texas Christian University
Southern Methodist University
Texas Tech University
Baptist University of America
Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge Campus
University of Kentucky
Queens Hall, Trinidad
Appeared on CBS TV Network Special: The Incredible Discovery of Noah’s Ark
Appeared on CBS TV Network Special: Ancient Secrets in the Bible
Appeared on NBC TV Network Special: Mysterious Origins of Man
Appeared on two national Japanese TV Networks on Dinosaurs and Man
Interviews on ABC and CBS Radio Networks on Glen Rose excavations
Granted over 500 news interviews on Glen Rose excavations
Author of:
Why Do Men Believe Evolution AGAINST ALL ODDS?
Dinosaur, Scientific Evidence that Man and Dinosaurs Walked Together
Panorama of Creation
Author and Narrator of Video Series:
Creation in Symphony: The Evidence
Creation in Symphony: The Model
Over 70 guest appearances representing scientific creation on Trinity Broadcasting Network.
Has been invited as a guest lecturer at NASA headquarters in Green Belt, Maryland as a result of his independent research on the world’s first hyperbaric biosphere.
This biosphere is a simulation of the original ecospheric conditions of Planet Earth. Preliminary results show extended life spans (and enhanced size) of fruit flies, enhanced growth in fish, and structural alteration of snake venom. In his pioneering role as independent researcher in this field, he is President and CEO of Creation Research Systems, Inc.
More than thirty years of his life have been spent researching the atmospheric conditions before the Genesis Flood. From this research he has synthesized the Creation in Symphony Model.
He has excavated an Indian princess for the Archaeology Department of the University of Texas.
His recorded broadcasts include the only radio broadcast made atop Cheops Pyramid in Egypt.
Is Co-Director of a research team (along with Dr. Don Shockey) searching for Noah’s Ark on Mt. Ararat in Turkey. He personally negotiated a 49-year lease of Mt. Ararat with the Turkish government during the administration of President Uzal.
He has led three scientific expeditions into the rain forests of Papua New Guinea in search of living pterodactyls.
He is the founding Director the Creation Evidence Museum and oversees the hyperbaric biosphere’s physical facility.
His independent research involves the application of technology he has pioneered in biospheric science. This independent research includes hyperbaric pharmaceutical potentials in living plants and animals, energized water systems, energized systems for enhanced production of plants as food sources, energized systems for enhanced production of fishes, energized systems for enhanced production of livestock, and energized water recovery systems.
Applications for the energized water systems are numerous. One original design is a contiguous acreage of orchards, vegetable gardens, livestock, grazing grounds, fish ponds and drinking water – all fed from a single energized water system.
Several NASA scientists have recognized the scientific nature of the Colorado dinosaur excavation under his direction and have participated in four such excavations under his auspices.

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